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Personal Training


Louise believes that in every training plan two heads are better than one. She builds excellent personal and professional relationships with her clients, feedback is always encouraged and training is regularly reviewed to keep the experience enjoyable and sessions goal-specific.



As your Personal Trainer Louise will refuse to take short cuts and insists that good technique is the foundation of every successful training plan. She will start by simply looking at what you want to achieve and then what is needed to bring the best out in you. If extra guidance and encouragement is needed at the start, then this will be given. If you want to see fast results, then sessions will be highly driven and the focus will be centered heavily on your goals.



One of Louise's greatest passions is Strength Training; in finding it the most effective way to help clients lose body fat and improve health she often incorporates it into her training. She understands how daunting this method of training can appear, but she has the ability and the experience to moderate training to suit every individual.



Including strength work in her training programs has had astounding results in individuals from teens to seniors. As well as a considerable reduction in body fat, she has seen health issues improve, with an increase in confidence, positivity and energy levels; feelings that naturally carry over into day-to-day life.

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