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Chilli-Citrus Prawns with a Trio of Salads

This meal is perfect after a long day at work when cooking feels like a chore but you want something fresh and packed full of goodness. It takes me about 10 minutes to make. The ingredients are simple and easy to prepare yet the aromatic, thai-inspired flavour of the prawns and the combination of fresh herbs, citrus notes and tasty salads gives the meal a surprising complexity. I love how the kick of the chilli is perfectly complemented by the yoghurt dressing.


Chilli-Citrus Prawns with a Trio of Salads

(Serves two - amounts can be varied)

Ingredients for the Three Salads

Salad 1:

Cherry vine tomatoes - quartered

Freshly chopped basil

Extra virgin olive oil to dress


Salad 2:

Pomegranate Seeds

Red onion - finely chopped

Lemon juice (squeeze of)


Salad 3:




Cucumber - chopped

Freshly chopped mint

Lime juice


Optional extra: Feta cheese - 4-6 cubes per person


To Make the Three Salads

1. Mix the three salads separately in three bowls to allow the individual flavours to infuse.

2. Lay the green salad onto the plate first.

3, Sprinkle over the red onion mix.

4. Place the tomato salad around the edge.

5. Adding the cubes of feta also around the edges.


Ingredients for the Chilli-Citrus Prawns

Coconut oil 1/2 tablespoon

Garlic - 1 clove crushed

Ginger - 1" squared finely chopped

Red chilli - 1/4 finely chopped

Spring onions - 6-8 tails cut off

King prawns - Either 1/2 or 1 pack cooked prawns per person

Sunflower & Pumpkin seeds - teaspoon of per person

Lime - squeeze of


To Make the Chilli-Citrus Prawns

1. Heat coconut oil with the garlic and ginger over a moderate heat.

2. Add chilli and spring onions and fry for a couple of minutes.

3. Turn the heat up a little and add your prawns and seeds, a squeeze of lime and fry for around 3 minutes longer.

4. Pile prawns on top of the ready made salad.


Ingredients for the Dressing

Greek yoghurt - 1 tablespoon per person

Lime - squeeze of

Mint - 1 0r 2 leaves finely chopped


To Make the Dressing

1. Mix ingredients together.

2. Dollop a tablespoon of dressing on top of prawns.


The Topper

Cut a whole beetroot into two halves or flower shape and place on top of dressing.


Louise Appel, Personal Trainer

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