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Technique workshops are designed to set you up in your chosen area of training in one session.  

These one to one sessions, which can be gym or home-based, are aimed at both beginners who need help getting started as well as experienced lifters who want to perfect their form or increase their training repertoire. I will help you master good form, learn new exercises or build confidence in your ability to train in the gym, at home or in a class environment. 


Although you may feel some physical challenge, these sessions are not designed to give you a 'work out' but rather to allow you the time needed to make improvements in chosen areas. Sessions are focused and time-efficient but at the same time interactive and fun. 

Young Woman On A Weightlifting Session -


Lifting heavy barbells has become desirable for both men and women over recent years, but these 'bang for your buck' exercises need to be performed with excellent form to fully reap the benefits and more importantly to avoid injury. Discover how to get the best from the big lifts by learning correct technique and how to incorporate these lifts into your training program. 

Lifts to choose from include variations and progressions of the following exercises:

  • Deadlift 

  • Squat 

  • Bench press

  • Bent over row

  • Press 

The number of lifts covered in a session will depend on the time needed for you to feel confident that you have mastered each exercise. One lift usually takes an average of 15-30 minutes to learn depending on experience and speed of learning.

Session options:

  • 30 minutes:  £25.00

  • 45 minutes:  £37.50

  • 60 minutes:  £50.00



The weights section in the gym can look pretty daunting. Maybe you aren't sure where to start or you've given some new exercises a go but feel unsure you're using good technique; maybe you need help structuring your program.

Whatever your needs I'll work with you to teach you new exercises and perfect your form so you can hit the weights with confidence.

Session length: 60 minutes

Price: £50.00

Woman Working Out
Fit Woman

Total body training will set you up with a repertoire of resistance exercises that offer a well-rounded training approach, hitting all major muscle groups. I will teach you a range of weights-based and/or body weight exercises suited to your ability and needs that you can use in the gym.

Session duration: 60 minutes

Session price £50.00



Pilates and core exercises often rely on good technique in order to feel the benefits. It can be useful to start off with some guidance and correction or if you already attend a class a one to one session can help improve your technique so you get more out of group sessions.

In this session we can focus on the core, gluteal muscles (bottom) or work on exercises that improve posture. The length of the session will depend on whether you want to focus on one area or multiple.

  • 30 minutes £25.00

  • 45 minutes £37.50

  • 60 minutes £50.00

Upward Facing Dog

For more information on 1-2-1 technique workshop sessions please get in touch

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