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I have over 10 years experience, working with clients of varying age, ability and shape, often with very different goals. I am always striving to expand my knowledge through education and research and I will never stop learning from my clients.

Creating your successful training plan.

As your Personal Trainer my job is to equip you with effective exercise, to teach you accurate form and to ensure that you progress in the gym and in your specific goals. We will start by simply looking at what you want to achieve, your current life-style and nutritional status and then what is needed to bring the best out in you and help you achieve the results you want. If extra guidance and encouragement is needed at the start, then this will, of course, be given. If you want to see fast results, then sessions will be highly driven and the focus will be centered heavily on your goals.

Weights for fat-loss, confidence and good health.

Over the years I have developed a great interest in the effects of Strength Training. This powerful method of training isn't just for body builders; when used in the right way, and with well-mastered technique, the use of weights will boost the metabolism and accellerate fat-loss without creating the muscular look that some wish to avoid. I have witnessed body shapes transform, health issues improve and confidence soar; all from a well-constructed weight-training plan.

Exercise to help you live longer

Since approaching the age of 40 my interest in exercise to increase longevity has deepened. I have spent much of my time researching this area and have gained an accreditiation in Exercise for Older Adults. This has equipped me to offer well-informed advice in nutrition and life-style, as well as provide exercise methods designed to support quality of life, offering an abundance of health benefits and reducing some of the unwanted health-issues that present themselves as we age.

"I have completely changed my shape and mastered my diet and I want to help you do the same."

Unlike many of my peers I am not from a sporting background and instead started my career as an Actor. In my youth I disliked exercise immensely and I hope that this has given me a good understanding of those who believe they aren’t  ‘exercise people’. Taking time out of our often busy lives to work on our most important asset, our body, offers endless rewards, both mentally and physically. When this is coupled with a well-chosen diet that nourishes the body the results can be astounding. I have completely changed my shape and mastered my diet and I'd love to help you do the same.

Personal Training St Johns Wood is based at Lords Cricket Ground and Personal Training Harpenden in my studio or at your home.

For more information on either of these locations please get in touch.




Follow these simple steps to help maintain good health as you age.


Discover how using weights can transform your body without creating bulk. 


Learn how to resist temptation and master your diet once and for all!

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