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Consultations and Assessments

Personal Training consultations are an hour long and the services included are all optional. If you don't feel comfortable having a full assessment at the beginning this can easily be introduced at a later date. Louise's main priority during the consultation process is to get to know you and to find out where you feel you are currently at and most importantly what you would like to achieve. Time is set aside during the consulatation to include a short introductory Personal Training session. This is to give you an idea of how Louise works and for her to learn more about you and your body.




Health Measurements

A evaluation of your Health Statistics will involve the use of approved methods of assessment to establish:

  • Percentage of body fat.

  • Measurement of relevant body part dimensions.

  • Calculations to determine waist to hip ratio. 

  • Body Mass Index.



Postural Analysis

A brief analysis of posture will determine any deficiencies that may contribute to any aches and pains or poor posture. 



Nutritional Evaluation

This is an opportunity to establish the positive and negative aspects of your diet. Whether your focus is weight management, health issues or merely an improvement in energy levels Louise will guide you through any changes that need to be made.



Goal Setting

The most important part of the consultation process is that clear, acheivable goals are set, and that a plan is put in place to action what happens moving forward.

Everyone is different; we all have driving factors that are individual to us and we each respond and react differently. To keep you motivated and encourage results Louise will determine the best approach for you. Once goals are set these will be the focal point during training sessions to determine training methods and inspire motivation. A process of reevaluation and review will maintain focus and drive.



Louise wants you to leave your consultation feeling positive and motivated with a good understanding of how you will move forward from here.



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