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Beware Bellyvision!

Every night millions of Brits like to plonk themselves in front of the television to tune in to their favourite programs, blissfully unaware of the bad influence these shows are having on their lives. I’m not talking of late night shows about violence, drugs or sex. I am talking about food programs; the biggest culprit being the ever popular weekly dose of fat and sugar - The Great British Bake Off.

In a recent survey by diet firm Forza Supplements, GBBO was named the television programme most likey to make you fat. A whopping (in more ways than one) 54% of it's fans have admitted that the carbtastic show had caused them to gain weight over the course of the series. With viewing figures often hitting the 10 million mark that’s 5.4 million dieters falling off the wagon!

Mary Berry is not the only one letting us eat cake; TV chefs are squeezing their way onto our screens, encouraging us to indulge in a bit of what we fancy. Closely following Great British Bake Off in weight-gain television was Nigella Lawson’s TV program and third in line was Masterchef. Come Dine with Me only just managed to make it’s way into to top ten apparently because the food on the program was the rather unappetizing...

If you are one of the many who like a bit of Bake Off but lack self discipline then my advice would be, firstly, don’t watch it when you're hungry, or have some fruit at hand to satisfy your sweet tooth and prevent you sticking your hand in the biscuit tin. Secondly, try watching something afterwards that puts you off filling your cake-hole and instead inspires you to keep in shape.

Some examples are The Biggest Loser, any show that educates it’s audience in healthy eating, Strictly Come Dancing (some very inspiring physiques) or even something on the fitness channel!

The top ten most Fattening TV shows…beware!

1.Great British Bake Off

2.Nigella Lawson


4.Saturday Kitchen

5.Heston Blumenthal

6.Great British Menu

7.Nigel Slater

8.Rick Stein

9.Jamie Oliver

10. Come Dine With Me

Louise Appel, Personal Trainer.
Louise Appel Personal Trainer, St John's Wood & Personal Trainer Maida Vale offers customised, individual Personal Training and Pilates at Lords Cricket Ground, St John's Wood. Personal Trainer Harpenden & Personal Trainer St Albans is located at EsTR Fitness.
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