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Weight-lifting Proven to Help Sufferers of Osteoporosis.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Most of us know that weight-bearing exercise helps to strengthen our bones. A study at The Centre for Musculoskeletal Research at the Griffith Health Institute in Queensland Australia has provided us with evidence that weight training can help reduce the effects of osteoporosis in older women.

Associate Professor for the centre, Belinda Beck and her team recruited 100 post-menopausal women with low bone-mass and set them up with a supervised weight-training plan. The regime was performed twice a week and included high intensity weight training exercises that many with bone density issues often avoid through fear of suffering a fractures or damaging the vertabrae. The participants performed heavy barbell exercises like squats, deadlifts and presses as well as challenging body-weight exercises like chin-ups.

Following the study, participants experienced an increase in bone-mass and muscular strength reducing the risk of fractures. On watching the footage it is also clear to see the sense of achievement and confidence that the women experienced as a result of weight-training.

See here to watch the women in action

I will always support studies that champion weight-training for women at any age. However, before embarking on a weights program of this nature I would highly recommend enlisting the help of a Personal Trainer who has sufficient experience in coaching barbell training and can provide evidence of this through client testimonials and/or training videos demonstrating their ability. If you suffer with any issues related to bones or joints then always speak to your GP or a Health Professional.

I hold a Level 3 HFE Qualification in Exercise for Older Adults. For more information on age-specific training please see here.

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