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A Guide to Choosing Cheese

Many of us steer clear of cheese, particularly when trying to lose weight. However, when eaten in moderation cheese is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It contains calcium which is good for bone health and protein which supports many important functions of the body and is the building block for muscle, skin and bones.

If you are unsure of which type of cheese would be a better choice, the table below will give you a bit more information. Nutrition may differ a little from one brand to the next so I have used the same supermarket brand across the board in gathering the data shown, just to make it fair, and have only included full-fat options.


10g Parmesan 39 2.8/1.9 3.3 0.16

30g Mozzarella 67 4.8/3.3 5.1 0.17

30g Cream Cheese 70 6.5/4.3 5.5 0.23

30g Feta 80 6.6/4.8 5.0 0.68

30g Brie 87 7.2/4.4 5.5 0.38

30g Camembert 87 6.9/4.9 6.0 0.53

30g Edam 95 6.9/4.9 7.7 0.60

30g Goats Cheese 100 8.6/5.1 5.3 0.40

30g Halloumi 100 7.8/5.5 7.0 0.78

100g Cottage Cheese 107 5.0/3.3 11.3 0.35

30g Red Leicester 120 10.1/6.5 7.1 0.51

30g Cheddar 123 10.3/6.5 7.5 0.54

30g Stilton 123 10.5/6.9 7.0 0.62

As you can see, you are able to eat three times as much cottage cheese as other cheeses while taking in a similar number of calories. In addition to this, 100g of cottage cheese has a high level of protein and is lower in fat.

Parmesan is another good choice; due to it's stronger flavour you don't need too much; a typical serving just being 10 grams.

Mozzarella has done pretty well too and is lower in calories, fat and salt but still with a good protein content.

I think the main thing to consider when including cheese in your diet is the amount you eat. If you are unsure what 30g looks like then get your kitchen sales out to make sure you stick to the right portion size.

Louise Appel, Personal Trainer

LLouise Appel Personal Trainer, St John's Wood & Personal Trainer Maida Vale offers customised, individual Personal Training and Pilates at Lords Cricket Ground, St John's Wood. Personal Trainer Harpenden & Personal Trainer St Albans is located at EsTR Fitness.

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